34.505.10 EXPLORER - Çantë shpine shumëfunksionale


Informatat themelore

Kodi 34.505.10
Përshkrimi Çantë shpine shumëfunksionale me 2 ndarje kryesore, ndarje e mbushur për laptop 17', xhep përpara me zinxhir, xhep rrjetë anash, i përshtatshëm për mbajtje me dorë, mbajtje me shpinë dhe shpatulla
Brendi BRUNO
Ngjyra E zezë
Paketë 10/1
Pesha neto 1.55 kg
Materiali Poliester
Shtypi Sito shtyp, Shtyp me leter transfer, Qepje
Barcodi 8605040080887

Informatat e printimit

Informacione logjistike

Copë për kuti 10 Copë
Përmasat e cartonit 0.4 x 0.44 x 0.6 m
Pesha bruto e kutisë 16.80 kg
Vëllimi I kutisë 0.11 m3
Vendi i origjinës Kina
Kodi HS 420292910000

3 in 1

Explorer is a multifunctional product, which can be used in 3 ways: as a backpack, hand luggage or travel bag.

Large capacity and good organisation

In addition to its practicality, the main advantage of this backpack is its considerable capacity of 40L. With two main compartments and additional compartments for a laptop and personal items, as well as multiple outer pockets, one can be sure his luggage is packed and well organized.

Practical details and additional features

The backpack has three smaller handles, two on the front and one on the side, which allows carrying horizontally and vertically and easily switching functions from backpack to travel bag/hand luggage and vice versa. An addition is packed in the upper part that closes the handles of the backpack and thus enables the Explorer to be used as a travel bag.

Durable and safe

Explorer is made of strong and durable material that is waterproof and resistant to damage. It is also an anti-theft product and has a coded lock on the main compartment, securing the entire content inside the backpack.

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